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The Baby High Chair by Tiffy & Toffee has been inventively conceived to be the most proficient choice for a modern family. The Baby feeding chair elevates your little heart to the ideal and scrupulous sitting position offering maximum protection and pleasure to your baby during meals. The 5 point safety harness in this kids high chair adheres your sporty baby safely and ensures security and comfy position while dining. The added attachable feeding and drinking tray allows parents to conveniently feed their little one. The baby chair table has a removable tray along with a basket for storing your child's accessories all together. The snuggly padded seat allows your baby to sit with ease for long hours in this baby eating chair. The product is a perfect hassle-free feeding product for moms.

  • Suitable for children 6-48 months of age
  • Elevates your child to the optimal and correct seating position
  • Detachable Food tray and Play tray
  • Soft 5 point harness belt with shoulder and waist belt to hold the child in place in the baby dining chair
  • Comfortable, cushioned seat that provides complete backrest
  • Swivel wheels with locking mechanism
  • Spacious storage basket to store baby's essential items
  • Easy and compact fold
  • Soft footrest
  • Uncomplicated to clean and maintain

Loose Parts of the High Chair

  • Seat (1)
  • Footrest (1)
  • Main frame (1)
  • Front swivel wheels (2)
  • Back swivel wheels with locking mechanism (2)
  • Screws (8)
  • Clamps/ Clips (2)
  • Detachable Food-tray with tube (1)
  • Play Tray (1)
  • Storage Basket (1)

Installation Guidelines of the Baby High Chair

Unfold the sturdy body frame. Secure the backrest tube by inserting the backrest frame tubes into the tubes of the body frame. Press to fit the bolts to secure the backrest tube with the tube of the chair.

Now attach the front and back wheel frame to the body frame by inserting the tube into the channels provided at the front and back, below the seat. Press until the bolts are in place. Please note that the front legs should be attached to the front wheels below the seat and attach the wider back wheels with the braking mechanism to the hind legs. Don’t forget to push the brakes on wheels while installing the High Chair.
Insert the Food tray tube into the two sockets provided on the sides of the chair. Press until the bolts are in place. Attach the clamps to secure the Food tray, and front rod together.
Fix the detachable Food tray and Play tray on the Food tray tube with 4 nut bolts. Then affix the food tray on the Food tray tube by locking the belt.
Attach the footrest on the Footrest tube with 4 nut bolts underneath it.
The spacious Storage basket has to be attached underneath the seat, by clasping the locks onto the front and back of the wheel tube.

Functional Guidelines for using the Baby Feeding Chair

  • To remove the Food tray for cleaning or to use the Play tray underneath, simply detach the white Food Tray on top by sliding the same
  • The High Chair can be used just as a chair by removing the Food Tray.

Folding Guidelines for the Baby High Chair

  • Remove the Food Tray
  • Remove the Food Tray tube and the Footrest tube
  • Loosen the front belt
  • Remove Storage Basket
  • Push the central lock’s red button, placed on either side of the seat
  • Fold the High chair, holding the Food tray tube and backrest tube

Security Belt Guidelines for the Baby Feeding Chair

  • Use the 5 point harness belt with shoulder and waist belt to hold the child in place
  • Adjust the tightness as required
WARNING: Always secure your child with the security belt, when using the
high chair. Failure to do so can cause harm or serious injury to your child.

Do's of using Baby High Chair

  • Always use the safety belt
  • Always use the brakes when High Chair is not in motion, especially while putting the infant in or out
  • Perform maintenance checks on the High Chair regularly for loose screws, aging parts, or tattering materials
  • Lubricate the moving parts
  • Wash the fabric with a mild detergent and warm water
  • Use as per instruction manual

Don'ts of using the Baby Feeding Chair

    • Never leave the baby unattended on the High Chair
    • Never allow your infant to stand on the High Chair
    • Keep away from fire
    • Do not exceed the specified weight limit (25 kg)
    • Do not allow more than one infants to sit on the High Chair

Customer Reviews

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Aakash khetan
Highly Recommended

We received the chair in April end when my kid was almost 15 months old.
- Packaging was excellent
- Easy to assemble as the manual was self explanatory
- After assembly, it looked as is, like the image provided
- My son was excited to see it and did sit on it & ate for a few days. Though, I feel it should have bought as early as 7-8 months to discipline him into sit and eat

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