About Us

We accept that parenting today has become the most gruelling job in the globe. You must be filled with a lot of love, wisdom and definitely a lot of courage. The amazing journey of Tiffy and Toffee commenced in 2018 when Nidhi landed up discussing the problems she faced as an Indian parent in her quest for the most congenial products for her babies with several other moms. Nidhi had been working for 15+ years with many baby brands with all her expertise, but her heart clicked more with these products when she was blessed with her little bundle of happiness.

Nidhi being a young parent analysed the difficulties she faced in searching for the safest, quality and affordable products for her little ones. She found out that no Indian brands offered completely safe, comfortable and affordable baby products and the ones who offered were either very expensive or available with few varieties.

Nidhi surveyed and found similar problems faced by most parents. They had either stopped using any baby products or ordered safe, smart, comfortable and affordable products from abroad. This made her more determined to get to a final solution and the voyage of Tiffy and Toffee started its initial steps when we decided to create products that are completely safe, smart, certified and available at a compelling price range which was hard to find.

With all the possible research, she along with her extremely experienced team created products with high-quality materials. As a company, we were determined to create products which even we could use fearlessly. Safety concerns are a paramount interest for most of the parents. So, we made sure we deliver products that are high quality and certified by Indian and International standards. The strollers we made was of a cotton sheet which is safe for the baby.

At Tiffy and Toffee, we believed in building innovative products that would create a beautiful world for your baby at a reasonable price. Each baby product is designed with high accuracy and careful scrutinizing of factors like flexibility, durability and affordability. With a broad network of around 11000+ stores in India, Tiffy and Toffee is now recognised as a leading brand delivering a variety of baby products.

We believe in building a brand for the parents by the parents. With our global research, we attempted to create products that solve small problems faced by our parents. With the motive to deliver ultra-impressive, parents’ and baby-friendly, safe and smart products at the most compelling prices, Tiffy and Toffee came into the run. We welcome you to our family to rejoice the joy of parenthood.