Which kind of hand sanitizers are toxic?

May 28 , 2021

Which kind of hand sanitizers are toxic?

With respiratory health and hand hygiene going hand in hand, hand sanitizers are playing a huge role in today’s day and age. Of late, the huge demand for sanitizers had pushed it into short supply. Sensing this, subsequently there was a boost in production restoring supply and newer brands were introduced into the market.

In a way it is great news for consumers like you and me, as we get a lot more choice in terms of brands, price points, etc. On the contrary, it also means a lot of spurious or fake sanitizers circulating in the market masquerading as the real thing.

Now how do you weed out the fake from the real?

Points to consider before selecting a hand sanitizer

  1. Methanol or methyl alcohol

One way to know is the type of alcohol being used. Alcohol, as ethyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol, needs to be in at least 60% proportion to make an alcohol based sanitizer effective. However, some ‘makers’ use methanol, the cheaper and toxic alcohol instead.

Methanol if ingested unknowingly can prove to be poisonous and highly toxic for the body.

  1. Lacking FDA approval

Makers of sanitizers must have a set of permissions in place from the concerned authorities before beginning production. This means approval of the formula used in the sanitizer, approval of the manufacturing facilities and mandatory quality checks.

You know you can smell a rat when your sanitizer bottle is not displaying any of the information on the ingredients, license number, manufacturing facility address, etc.

  1. Diluting and Mixing of Ingredients

A few of these sanitizers may also be sold by back-alley operators peddling spurious products involving plastic bottles, plastered with fake labels and bulk-bought sanitizers diluted with water or coloured liquids. These products can either prove to be ineffective or have higher toxicity.

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