Important FAQs on using disinfectants

May 28 , 2021

Important FAQs on using disinfectants

Now-a-days, everyone has their guard up in the fight against germs and viruses. You just cannot understate the importance of hygiene and cleanliness in today’s time. So much so, words like sanitizer, disinfectant, fumigation, oximeter, and more have entered our everyday lexicon.

You all may have used sanitizing sprays, floor disinfectants and other such products often in the past few months, but not many know how to use them effectively.

Here are a few essential frequently asked questions on using disinfectants.

  1. Why do I need to use a disinfectant? Isn't cleaning a surface well enough be free from germs?

 Thorough cleaning and drying may remove most of the germs and usually make a surface clean.  However, on surfaces that are frequently touched by your baby or toddler, removing “most of the germs” is just not enough.

Disinfecting a surface primarily means that 99.9% germs have been killed and not just transferred from the surface to the cleaning cloth.

  1. On which surfaces is it most important to use surface disinfectants?

Germs thrive best in a moist environment, thus, your focus areas should be moist surfaces such as kitchen counters, toilets, bathroom floors, sink, wash basins, etc. 

  1. Can I use disinfectants with children around the house?

 With babies and little children around the house, the efforts to maintain the hygiene of your home compound. Though you may not be able to control the tendencies of your child/children of putting each and everything in sight in their mouth/s, you can certainly disinfect the places and things you know they touch often. The changing table, potty seat, the floor, their toys, dining chair and table are just some of the surfaces your little ones repeatedly touch.

And therefore these surfaces must be cleaned thoroughly followed by using a disinfectant cleaner without any alcohol content. Like the disinfectant spray of Tiffy and Toffee, which is alcohol-free and has an FDA approved formula. It is effective against 99.9% germs and its aqueous base does not leave a stain behind.

  1. How to correctly use a surface disinfectant spray?
  • First make sure the surface is free from any dirt. (Make sure you start cleaning from the least dirty part to the most to avoid spreading of germs to the areas that are less dirty.)
  • Just spray on the surface you want to disinfect.
Wipe it dry with a clean cloth.