Are surfaces sanitised with disinfectant safe for babies?

May 28 , 2021

Are surfaces sanitised with disinfectant safe for babies?

As parents you always have a lot on your plate, from looking after your kids to looking after the house. With everyone at home, you need to make sure the health and hygiene needs of your family as well. And off late, we’ve got another task on our hands – sanitizing and disinfecting.

Both of these terms go beyond just simply cleaning your home. They emphasize on complete cleanliness and being germ-free. You must have picked up a surface disinfectant or disinfectant floor cleaner for your home by now. It is a very useful product to keep germs and communicable diseases at bay.

But do you know if the surfaces sanitized with disinfectants safe for children to touch?

 Safety tips to remember before using Disinfectants:

  • By and large, since all disinfectants are made of chemicals, they are hazardous for children, particularly when used in the concentrated form.
  • Spray bottles containing floor disinfectants or disinfectant solution must be kept away from the reach of young children.
  • These bottles must be labelled clearly and legibly in order to avoid any confusion and facilitate quick access.
  • Avoid using surface disinfectant sprays when your kids are around the area. They may inhale harmful chemicals and expose their skin and eyes.
  • Before use, make sure to thoroughly read the back of the bottle for its label that mentions the correct dilution and way of use, manufacturer license, its ingredients, and safety.
  • After using a disinfectant on a surface or on an object, make sure you leave it to dry or wipe it off, as per the instructions on the bottle.
  • Keep these chemicals in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Direct exposure to sunlight may effect its efficacy.

Do not mix two different types of cleaners and disinfectants as it can react with each other and may release a poisonous gas that could be hazardous for children.

With children around the house you need to be doubly cautious of the surfaces and objects they touch. Younger children like toddlers and babies in particular cannot refrain from touching everywhere and putting things in their mouths.

While you can do little to control this behaviour, you can, however, take the above safety precautions and trust a home disinfectant cleaner like Tiffy and Toffee. Its FDA approved formula is safe for cleaning surfaces and making them 99.9% germ free and importantly, its aqueous base does not leave any residue behind; only a fresh lemon fragrance.

Remember, you are only one step away from a healthy and hygienic home.