Are hand sanitizers safe for babies?

May 28 , 2021

Are hand sanitizers safe for babies?

In today’s day and age, we all know how important it is to keep our hands clean at all times. With what the world has witnessed in the past few months, hand sanitizers have become indispensable. It is easy, fast and convenient to use them and you can always carry a tiny bottle with you.

A vast range of sanitizers are available in the market. Most of us may have stocked up on hand sanitizers with at least 60 per cent alcohol content, as mandated by doctors and experts. This amount or above of alcohol makes sanitizers effective for killing germs and pathogens.

However, the common query amongst parents of new-borns is:

Can alcohol based hand sanitizers be used for cleaning the hands of babies? Are alcohol hand rub sanitizers safe for babies?

Not quite, experts say. And not many know that alcohol based sanitizers are unsafe for babies. Even if you do not apply it directly on your new-borns, there is a chance your baby might put your sanitized fingers in his/her mouth. While we can’t stop babies putting each and everything in their mouths, we can certainly choose a better and safer product.

Tips for parents of new-borns when buying sanitizers:

  1. Is it alcohol free?
  2. Is it devoid of any strong chemicals?
  3. It should not be harsh on the skin
  4. It should not leave the skin dry. If it has moisturizing properties, it is a plus.
  5. Avoid sanitizers with very strong smells and fragrances

Alcohol free sanitizers are hand sanitizers that are free from any type of alcohol and are preferred when looking after a baby. Regular sanitizers with alcohol are likely to irritate the soft skin of babies and may lead to eye irritation, vomiting, stomach pain and coughing.

Designed by keeping the needs of babies in mind,  baby sanitizers are mild on the skin. They contain soothing fragrances and some, like those by Tiffy and Toffee, are even enriched with moisturizers to keep hands soft and supple. The moisturizer-rich formula ensures your hands don’t dry after frequent use. Available in two variants, namely Lemon and Tulsi, parents can apply these baby sanitizers on their hands and handle their babies worry free.

In addition to making your hands clean and soft, these baby sanitizers do their job to taking care of up to 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses.

The safety and hygiene of our little ones is our top most priority. Having said that, look for a brand that does the job of killing germs but without harming your little ones.